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Mr.Ganapathi  is a specialist hip and knee surgeon based in North Wales. He completed his higher specialist training in orthopaedics in Wales and did a arthroplasty fellowship in Cardiff. He subsequently completed an advanced lower limb fellowship in Montreal, Canada and visited centres in Canada and U.S. before starting as a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Bangor, North Wales in 2008. Although he undertakes general trauma work, his elective practice in both the NHS and the private sector is almost exclusively related to adult hip and knee problems. He offers private surgery at Spire Yale Hospital, Wrexham.


During his higher specialist training and subsequent fellowships, Mr.Ganapathi has gained experience in various aspects of hip and knee related problems including primary and revision hip replacement, hip resurfacing, primary and revision knee replacement, partial knee replacement  as well as hip arthroscopy and knee arthroscopy.


Mr.Ganapathi  is also trained in computer guided joint replacements and routinely uses computer guidance while doing knee replacements and hip resurfacing. Computer guidance allows the surgeon to be very precise during joint replacements and decreases the chance of outliers (beyond the tolerance of the joint replacements) and this hopefully would result in optimal outcome. Mr.Ganapathi has also published his experience in peer reviewed journals on the improved accuracy of hip resurfacing using computer guidance.



Mr.Ganapathi offers various treatment options including:


       Hip Surgery


       Knee Surgery



During his fellowship in Canada, he also gained experience in managing hip impingement (which is increasingly considered to be a cause of hip pain in young adults often leading to hip arthritis at a younger age)  using both arthroscopic and open surgery and he is one of the few surgeons offering this type of surgery in Wales.  


Mr.Ganapathi firmly believes in accelerated rehabilitation (rapid recovery) after both hip and knee replacements which can lead to early functional recovery and improved patient satisfaction. He employs various techniques including multi-modal pain control and minimally invasive and muscle sparing approach.


Mr. Ganapathi would also be able to offer a very recently available technique for knee replacements using patient specific instrumentation (PSI Knee/ Signature Knee)


Complex revision surgery (of both hip and knee replacements) is also becoming an increasing part of his practice and he employs up-to-date techniques in improving the outcomes for these difficult problems.


Mr.Ganapathi  has also been involved in a number of research projects and he has won various awards for his research work. He keeps himself updated on recent advances by attending various CME sessions. He is also keen in teaching the next generation of surgeons as well as allied health professionals.